Early Retirement Decision

Last month I decided to do what most people said couldn’t be done. As an aside, what great motivation proving people wrong is. I decided to retire early. Retirement is an interesting word for me because when I tell people I’m retired I feel the need to explain to them what retirement means to me. Retirement doesn’t mean that I’ll never work again, it means that I don’t have to work for income....

June 29, 2018

Pay Off Mortgage Early or Invest in Retirement

If you are contributing the maximum amount in your tax deferred accounts (401k, 403b, IRA) and you have money still available to invest, what should you do? Should you use the funds to start paying off your mortgage early or invest the fund in your taxable accounts towards retirement? This decision is based on the interest rate of your mortgage. If your interest rate is high you should start paying down your mortgage, if it is low you should invest the money....

February 28, 2015