Yesterday I created a hearthstone beginner hunter deck to beat all the expert heroes in practice mode. Today I continued my hearthstone beginner guide by opening free to play packs from the rewards I received over the past 2 days. I used 100 of my gold to purchase a classic pack. Today I opened 6 hearthstone classic packs and 3 Journey to Un’goro packs. I still have 100 gold remaining after these pack openings for future purchases.

Opening Free to Play Packs for Hearthstone

Here is a youtube video of opening the Hearthstone packs I received from completing the new player quests on my new free to play Hearthstone account the past 2 days. [youtube=]

Useful cards obtained from opening 9 Hearthstone packs for my Hunter deck

  • Dire Wolf Alpha
  • Eaglehorn Bow
  • Jungle Panther
  • Nesting Roc
  • Ravasaur Runt
  • Stranglethorn Tiger
  • Unleash the Hounds

After opening my Hearthstone packs I disenchanted 14 cards that rarely see play. For those cards I received 240 dust plus a bonus of 95 free dust for disenchanting my first Hearthstone card.

Crafting Hearthstone cards for Hunter Deck

Hearthstone Jeweled Macaw I used 240 of my dust to craft 6 common cards for my deck. I’ve decided to not craft cards yet from the classic set and hope to get a few of the cards I need from future pack openings.

  • Alleycat (2) - 40 dust each from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
  • Crackling Razormaw (2) - 40 dust each from Journey to Un’Goro
  • Jeweled Macaw (2) - 40 dust each from Journey to Un’Goro


Current version of Hunter Deck

Using the cards received/crafted from opening free to play packs, here is the improved version of my beginner hunter deck I will be playing with. This deck will evolve over time and I will update it as I receive or craft more cards. Hearthstone Beginner Hunter Deck Today I played my first ranked Hearthstone game with the above hunter deck and lost to a shaman. For playing my first game I was given a classic pack as a reward.

Free Hearthstone Arena Ticket

I forgot for my hearthstone beginner guide that new players also receive a free ticket into the arena. So today I used my free hearthstone arena ticket. To simulate the worst possible outcome, I quickly drafted a deck and then conceded 3 games in a row to end my arena run. For this effort I received a Journey to Un’Goro Hearthstone card pack and 25 gold. I also unlocked another quest along the way for playing 3 games in play mode and was given 100 gold. After I completed all the beginner Hearthstone quests I received my first daily quest. The daily quest for today is Beat Down Deal 100 damage to enemy heroes which will earn me 40 gold. I didn’t complete this quest today so it will be in my quest log so I can start on it tomorrow.

Hearthstone Quest Rewards

Here are the rewards I earned today playing Hearthstone:

  • First Blood (complete a game in play mode) - classic pack
  • The Duelist (play 3 games in play mode or arena) - 100 gold
  • Free Arena Entry - 1 Journey to Un’Goro pack and 25 gold

At the end of today I have the following unused rewards:

  • 1 Hearthstone Classic Pack
  • 1 Journey to Un’Goro pack
  • 225 gold (100 gold that I didn’t use from yesterday)

Tomorrow I will continue to play my hunter deck in Hearthstone ranked mode. I will post updates to my Hearthstone beginner guide throughout the coming weeks as my deck improves and to tell you about my progress.