After completing many of the Hearthstone new player quests yesterday I received an unexpected gift from blizzard. I received 3 free Journey to Un’Goro packs to celebrate 70 million Hearthstone players. My hearthstone beginner guide continues today by earning a few more rewards using a beginner hunter deck.

Hearthstone Beginner Hunter Deck to defeat all Expert Heroes in Practice Mode

The goal for today is to defeat all the expert heroes in practice mode. This will reward you with some gold that you can use to purchase Hearthstone packs. Below is the beginner hunter deck I used to defeat all the export heroes. This hunter deck consists of only basic cards so that anyone can build it. Hearthstone Beginner Hunter Deck Most of these expert mode practice games where pretty easy except for the paladin class. Beating paladin in the expert practice mode with this hunter deck was difficult but ultimately I did prevail with beating all the classes with the above beginner hunter deck. If paladin gives you a lot of trouble, don’t hesitate to beat it with a deck from another class. The reward for defeating all the expert heroes in practice mode is 100 gold. Along the way I also leveled up my hunter class to level 10 and earned a Hearthstone classic pack.

Hearthstone New Player Quest Rewards

Today I completed the following new player quests:

  • Level Up (achieve level 10 with a class) - classic pack
  • Crushed Them All! (beat all the expert heroes in practice mode) - 100 gold

In total I have earned the following rewards in my first two days of playing Hearthstone:

  • 5 Hearthstone classic Packs
  • 3 Journey to Un’Goro Packs from blizzard celebrating 70 million players
  • 200 gold

Tomorrow I will continue my Hearthstone beginner guide by opening some packs and craft a free to play Hearthstone beginner hunter deck. If you haven’t started playing Hearthstone yet, sign up now to receive a free classic pack.