I have noticed a lot of discussion lately about the new player experience in Hearthstone. The assumption is that new players have a very difficult time being competitive in Hearthstone. This month I am going to do a free to play account and create a Hearthstone beginner guide. Today I will start by completing all the Hearthstone new player quests. My plan for this account is to craft a hunter deck and see what my new player experience is. I will craft the hunter deck by only using cards acquired in the first month of a new Hearthstone account. I should also point out that I am not an expert Hearthstone player as my highest rank ever has been rank 5.

Hearthstone Free to Play Account

First of all I created a new Hearthstone account using a recruit a friend link so that I could earn a free Hearthstone classic pack just for signing up. After logging in to my new Hearthstone account I quickly completed the Hearthstone tutorial that teaches you the basics about the game. For new players this tutorial is a great learning experience that teaches you some Hearthstone fundamentals. Next I went in to practice mode and unlocked the hunter class by beating the hunter with the default mage deck. After obtaining the hunter class I then beat every other class with hunter so that I could level up my hunter class. I plan to build a hunter deck as part of this free to play account. Finally while unlocking all the classes in practice mode I also played one game on my iPhone and one Hearthstone game on my iPad so that I could earn a free classic pack just for playing a game on each of these devices. If you have android devices there are also similar quests for android as well as iOS.

Hearthstone New Player Quests

Today I completed the following new player quests:

  • New Recruit! (sign up for an account using a recruit a friend link) - classic pack
  • Win 5 Practice Games - classic pack
  • Ready to Go! (unlock all the Hearthstone classes) - 100 gold
  • Play a game on the iPad - classic pack
  • Play a game on the iPhone - classic pack

In total I have earned the following rewards today:

  • 4 Hearthstone classic packs
  • 100 gold

Tomorrow I will continue with my Hearthstone beginner guide by finishing a few more of the hidden new player quests. Along the way I will also earn a few more Hearthstone rewards before opening some packs and starting to craft a free to play hunter deck for Hearthstone.