WordPress includes many options that may not be found by the casual user. In this post I will explain some of the options available when inserting images into a blog post.

Image Details

Image Edit Icon To uncover more options available for an existing image in a WordPress post you can click on the image and then select the edit icon (looks like a pencil) from the menu that appears. After you click the edit icon the Image Details page (as shown below) will be displayed for the image you clicked on to edit. Image Details

Image Detail Settings

  • Mounty Olympus The example image to the right was configured as displayed in the image details above
  • Alternative Text: this is text that is used by screen readers to describe the image, also very useful for SEO purposes
  • Align: the options of left and right will allow text to wrap around the image
  • Link To: this has many options in a drop down list, the primary one you will use is to link the image to a Custom URL so that when a user clicks the image they are taken to another web page
  • Image Title Attribute: sets the title of the image to use as a tooltip that appears when you hover over the image

I hope that this post has been useful to you in learning some of the advanced, yet simple to use, formatting options for images in WordPress.