Hearthstone Basic + Naxxramas Mage

There has been much discussion how it’s not possible for a new Hearthstone player to succeed. If you are new to Hearthstone, I suggest you read my Hearthstone Beginner’s Guide. Here are the details of my play during April 2015 using only basic and naxxramas cards. I played just enough games so that at the end of each day at least 1 daily quest slot was empty, with a minimum of 3 games per day.

Ranked Play

Here is the mage deck I used containing only cards from the basic and naxxramas sets.

Hearthstone Mage deck Basic and Naxxramas

Ranked play was done exclusively with the above mage deck. Hearthstone play with all other classes was done in casual mode. I re-rolled daily quests to get quests that can be completed with Mage. If daily quests couldn’t be completed with Mage then I played casual mode that day to complete the daily quest.

Here is the result of my ranked play in Hearthstone during April 2015 with the above mage deck.

Hearthstone Mage April 2015

I ended up with a 50% win rate (41 wins and 41 losses).

Casual Play

Here is the result of my casual play that was done to complete Hearthstone daily quests that couldn’t be completed with a mage.

Class Wins Losses
Priest 2 win 1 loss
Paladin 2 win 3 loss
Hunter 2 win 3 loss
Hunter 3 win 4 loss
Warlock 5 win 6 loss
Paladin 2 win 2 loss
Hunter 5 win 8 loss
Warlock 2 win 1 loss
Total 23 win 28 loss

Final Stats


  • 1,430 gold
  • 3 classic card packs from the watch and learn daily quest

Ranked Play

  • Finished at Rank 16 and 1 star
  • Maximum Rank 16 and 2 stars
  • 41 Wins
  • 41 Losses
  • 50% win rate

Casual Play

  • 23 Wins
  • 28 Losses
  • 45% win rate

The results above suggest that a relatively new player to Hearthstone can have success. A new player just needs to be realistic about the level they can achieve with a limited card set. Given the results above, I received 3 classic card packs and have enough gold to buy 14 other packs. Keep in mind that I only played a total 133 games (about 4 games per day) during April 2015. If you play more games, you will earn more gold and possibly end with a higher rank. This should be a good start for most new players.

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