40 Day Facebook Fast

This year during lent I decided to take a forty day facebook fast. Lent is a religious observance by many Christians between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. If you add up all the days you will note that it isn’t actually 40 days. This difference is because various christian denominations calculate the 40 days of Lent differently. For more information on Lent, I would recommend you read the History of Lent from the Catholic Education resource center.

As part of Lent, christians are encouraged to “give something up”. This year, I decided to abstain from using facebook.

Facebook Fast

40 day Facebook FastI was able to abstain from using facebook for Lent 2015. It was somewhat difficult to stay away from the social media world, but I think what helped me is that on Ash Wednesday I removed the facebook app from both my iPhone and iPad. This made it more difficult to check in to see what was going on if I had the urge. Facebook didn’t like that I wasn’t logging in, as they were sending me a daily email like the one to the right encouraging me to login. I resisted.

The world did not end while I wasn’t on facebook. All though, a few people asked me when I would be on facebook again. The good part about not being on facebook is that you can have real conversations with real people and cut out the technologic interference. I kind of liked living in the facebook free world.

Blog Posts

An interesting aspect of the last 40 days was the number of blog posts I wrote. I published the 4 blog posts below that you may have missed if you only get them via facebook notification.

LoansPay Off Mortgage Early or Invest in Retirement

– a mathematical approach to deciding if should you pay down the principal on your mortgage or invest in your retirement fund

US DollarMeasuring your Progress to Financial Independence / Early Retirement

– a unique approach to identifying how close you are to financial independence based on your net worth and annual expenses

Heroes of the StormHeroes of the Storm: Earning Gold

– a look at how you go about earning gold in heroes of the storm during your first month of play

HearthstoneHearthstone Beginner’s Guide

– a beginner’s guide for new players to hearthstone and what you should do during your first month playing this game

Next Year

Are you going to attempt the 40 day facebook fast in 2016? I encourage you to try. Did you attempt it in 2015? Leave a message in the comments.

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