Hearthstone Beginner’s Guide

If you are a new hearthstone player, here is a beginner’s guide to help you get started. This guide will lead you through the steps you should complete to set you up for maximum success playing hearthstone.

Getting Started

When first playing hearthstone, you will go through a tutorial that shows you the basics of how to play hearthstone. After finishing the tutorial you will be given your first hero, a Mage. To get started with your Mage you should create a custom deck by going to my collection on the main screen. Below is an example deck I suggest you create with your limited set of hearthstone cards. You will earn more cards as the game progresses.

Hearthstone Mage Deck

To get started playing hearthstone, you should go to solo adventures on the main screen and choose the normal practice mode. With your custom mage deck you should play games against each hero. Upon winning each match you will be given access to that hero. When you have successfully unlocked all the heroes you will be given a reward of 100 gold.

Hero Level

As you play hearthstone, your hero will slowly increase in level. At various levels you will receive new cards as a reward. The following are the new cards for a mage that I suggest you focus on.

Hearthstone Mage Cards
You should:

  • replace river crocolisk with frostbolt at mage level 2
  • replace razorfen hunter with water elemental at mage level 8
  • replace frostwolf warlord with flamestrike at mage level 10

Expert Practice

After unlocking all heroes you should play expert practice mode and win a game against each expert hero. When you have successfully leveled your mage up to level 10 you will be given a classic pack as a reward. You should now choose another hero to play and level up to level 10. As you level up each hero to level 10, choose another hero to level up. When you have successfully won games against all expert heroes you will be given 100 gold as a reward.

Play Mode

After beating all expert heroes in practice mode, you should play in play mode (either ranked or casual) and focus on leveling up all your remaining heroes to level 10. After your first match in play mode you will be given a classic pack as a reward. After playing 3 games in play mode you will receive 100 gold as a reward. At this point you should start receiving hearthstone daily quests (40 to 100 gold) that will be your main source of gold in the future. You will also receive 10 gold for each 3 wins in play mode. When you have ranked up all your heroes to level 10 you will receive 100 gold as a reward.

You should now have:

  • 2 classic hearthstone packs (feel free to open them to see what they have inside)
  • 400 gold (don’t spend this on packs yet)
  • gold from daily quests and winning in play mode (this could be significant depending on how many days it takes you to level up all your heroes)

Curse of Naxxramas

You should save your gold to enter the hearthstone adventure curse of naxxramas to receive additional cards that will be useful. Each wing will cost 700 gold and there are 5 wings so you’ll need to save up 3,500 gold to complete the curse of naxxramas. The hearthstone cards that you receive from completing the curse of naxxramas are well worth the gold.

Hopefully this guide has given you some useful information as a new hearthstone player. If you have any other tips, please leave a comment below.

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