Heroes of the Storm: Earning Gold

In Heroes of the Storm, gold is needed for purchasing heroes from the in-game store. You can also buy heroes with real money. The following are the various ways to earn gold in Heroes of the Storm.

Player Level

As you play Heroes of the Storm, your player level will increase. At various player levels you will receive gold.

Player Level Gold
Level 2 1000
Level 4 1000
Level 8 2000
Level 10 2000

Hero Level

As you level a hero in Heroes of the Storm you will receive more talents. More importantly, when you achieve level 5 for a Hero you will receive 500 gold. When starting out in Heroes of the Storm, you should focus on leveling heroes to level 5 so that you unlock all talents for the hero and receive 500 gold.

Daily Quests

Earning daily quests is available when you reach player level 6. I will be publishing another post on daily quests in Heroes of the Storm, but you can expect to receive 355 gold on average each day for completing daily quests.

Playing Games

As you play various modes of Heroes of the Storm, you will receive gold based on the outcome of your match.

Game Outcome Gold
Cooperative Win 10
Quick Match Loss 20
Quick Match Win 30

Your First Week Playing

Here is an example of what you can expect to receive in your first week playing Heroes of the Storm. I assume that you are playing 5 games per day (about 2 hours).

Day Achievement Gold
Day 1 Player Level 2 1,000
Day 1 Player Level 4 1,000
Day 2 Player Level 6 Unlock Daily Quests
Day 2 Daily Quest 355
Day 3 Hero #1 Level 5 500
Day 3 Daily Quest 355
Day 4 Daily Quest 355
Day 5 Player Level 8 2,000
Day 5 Hero #2 Level 5 500
Day 5 Daily Quest 355
Day 6 Daily Quest 355
Day 7 Player Level 10 2,000
Day 7 Hero #3 Level 5 500
Day 7 Daily Quest 355
Total Gold 9,630

I have excluded from the above table the gold you receive from playing games (during your first week you’ll play 35 games and if you win all your cooperative matches you will receive 350 in gold). I would recommend that for your first week playing Heroes of the Storm that you play cooperative matches exclusively. Playing quick matches and eventually the hero league require more knowledge and skill in the game. During your first few weeks you should focus on learning the game and identifying the type of heroes you like to play. After you have enough gold you can buy some heroes and focus playing them well enough for quick matches.

If you play about 2 hours per day, at the end of your first week you will be:

  • player level 10
  • have 3 heroes at level 5
  • have more than 9,630 in gold

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