If double after split (DAS) is available, you should split pairs more often to take advantage of this rule. Here are updated rules for pair splitting when double after split is available.

7 blackjack basic strategy rules for pair splitting (DAS allowed):

  1. Always SPLIT A’s and 8’s
  2. NEVER split 5’s or T’s
  3. SPLIT 2’s and 3’s vs. dealer 2 thru 7
  4. SPLIT 4’s vs. dealer 5 or 6
  5. SPLIT 6’s vs dealer 6 or less
  6. SPLIT 7’s vs dealer 7 or less
  7. SPLIT 9’s vs dealer 9 or less, except STAND vs dealer 7

Here is the relevant update to the pair splitting section of the basic strategy card for when double after split (DAS) is available. Blackjack Basic Strategy - Double After Split