Match Play Coupons

When playing blackjack, you should also take advantage of using coupons.

Match Play Coupons

American Casino GuideBet any amount (up to a maximum listed on the coupon) and the casino will match your bet.  If you win, you will receive your normal bet and the casino will give you an extra payoff on the match bet.  For example if you bet $25 with a match play coupon of $25 and win, you will win a total of $50 ($25 for your bet and $25 for the coupon).  These coupons are only valid for one play and usually you get to replay the coupon in the event of a push.  This is the most common coupon you will find.

Free Ace

Your first card dealt will be an Ace.  This is a very valuable coupon for the player, as the Ace is the most valuable card in the deck for a player.  With this coupon, your chance of getting a blackjack on the first hand increases significantly.

First Winning Blackjack Pays 2 to 1

Your first winning blackjack will pay off 2 to 1 instead of 3 to 2.  To use this coupon, you need to play it when you sit down at a blackjack table.  The coupon is valid until you receive your first winning blackjack.  With this coupon you will need to play a few hands as blackjacks only occur about 1 in 21 hands on average.

Non-Negotiable Chips and Free Play Coupons

These are chips the casino will either give you as part of a promotion, or you can buy them (such as $50 in non negotiable chips for $40). You have to play these chips until they lose, but you get paid with real value chips. This is the hardest coupon to find, but also the most valuable.

A good source of these coupons is the American Casino Guide. All of the above coupons will help to cut the house advantage on blackjack.

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