Free Las Vegas Buffet

You have already learned about the easiest comp to receive in Las Vegas – free drinks.

Let’s say that you are willing to play more than $5/hand blackjack, and step your action up to $10-$15/hand.  The following chart shows your expected loss based on various levels of play. Feel free to change the variables in the chart based on the type of game you play.

$/Hand Hours Hands/Hour Action Blackjack Game EV Expected Loss
$5 4 60 $1,200 -0.50% $6
$10 4 60 $2,400 -0.50% $12
$15 4 60 $3,600 -0.50% $18

You already know that by playing for $5/hand for 4 hours you can get free drinks that will only cost you an expected $6 loss playing blackjack.

What can you get for playing $10-$15/hand at blackjack?

DessertsAt a minimum you will continue to receive free drinks.

In addition you can expect to receive a free buffet comp.  Don’t expect to go into the Bellagio however and get a free buffet for this level of play, but many of the casinos in downtown Las Vegas and many off-strip casinos will be happy to comp you a buffet for this level of play.

So what is your net profit by playing $10-$15/hour for 4 hours and receiving free drinks and a free buffet.

$/Hand Free Drink Value Buffet Value Expected Blackjack Loss Net Win
$5 $10 NONE $6 $4
$10 $10 $12 $12 $10
$15 $10 $12 $18 $4

I have even received a buffet comp for 2 hours of play at $10/hand, so when you get to that point you may want to ask for a comp.  Asking something like “have I played enough to receive a buffet comp?” is good because they can’t say “no”.  They will either say “yes” and write you up a comp or give you some information on how much longer you should expect to play.  At worst you can play 4 hours of blackjack at $15/hand and get all the drinks you want and a free buffet and walk away a small winner.  Keep in mind that the expected loss is highly variable so that you will sometimes win and sometimes lose, but in the long-term it will average the above amounts.

Do not forget to hand your players club card to the dealer at every table you sit down at.  This is the only way that the casino will track your bets and award you comps.

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