Players Club Card

The first step to receiving casino comps is signing up for a players club card.

To get your slot club card:

  1. Find the players club in your casino of choice or ask a casino employee where the slot club is.
  2. Show your ID to the employee at the players club booth (sometimes you’ll need to fill out a short application).
  3. Make sure that you give the players club your correct address including e-mail. This is what they will use to send you free offers in the mail.
  4. The employee at the booth will enter your information and issue you a card on the spot.

Players Club CardMany casinos in Las Vegas have players club cards that can be used at multiple properties. For example:

Tips on using your players club card:

Make sure that you use your players club card every time you play.

How to use your players club card:

When playing table games, hand your players club card to the dealer when you sit down at the table. The dealer will hand it to someone in the pit who will track your play. Make sure that when you change tables that you hand your players club card to the dealer at the new table so that the pit knows you changed tables.

When playing slot or video poker machines, insert your slot club card into the card reader attached to the machine.

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