Why my WordPress Blog is hosted at WordPress.com

  1. It’s Free
    • Compare that to a web host that charges $60+ per year
  2. Features
    • 3 gigabytes of storage for images
    • 111 Themes and counting to customize your site
    • Integrated stats to track your site growth
    • You can leave at any time and take your content with you
  3. Great uptime and performance
    • When you finally get that huge spike in traffic they will be able to handle it
    • Lower cost shared web hosting providers can’t match this performance
  4. Reasonably priced upgrades
    • Host your own domain name and build your own brand
    • Customize the look of your theme
  5. It’s WordPress
    • The best blogging and CMS platform available

For more thoughts on WordPress.com versus self hosting see this article: Self Hosting: What’s Your Hurry?


  1. says

    Hello there,
    Your post itemizes all the reasons I just moved a wordpress.org self hosted install back to free hosting at wordpress.com. Thanks for backlinking to my post. :)

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