Business Objects Universe Row Level Security

Business Objects Row Level Security Data Foundation

If you are a business objects universe designer that needs to implement row level security in your universe, here is a simple method. The following are the steps necessary when using the business objects information design tool. Similar steps can be done in the legacy universe designer tool. Create security table The first step is to create a security table …

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How To Learn Informatica

The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit

A question that I often receive is: “What should I do to learn how to develop ETL mappings using Informatica PowerCenter?” Here are the steps that I would take to learn how to do extract, transform, and load with Informatica PowerCenter. I assume that you already have knowledge of SQL. If you don’t know SQL or need to learn more …

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Flattening PeopleSoft Summer Tree

PeopleSoft Summer Tree

If you need to denormalize or flatten PeopleSoft summer trees (trees with leaves) in your data warehouse, here is an ETL process for you to follow. Typical PeopleSoft summer tree structure SQL to flatten the PeopleSoft summer tree Substitute TREE_NAME with the name(s) of your summer tree(s) on line 54 below. Result of the SQL RANGE_FROM RANGE_TO LEVEL1 LEVEL2 LEVEL3 …

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