Ubuntu Virtual Machine: How to Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox

VirtualBox Ubuntu Virtual Machines

I moved my WordPress blog to a VPS from DigitalOcean and I wanted to have a local version of my VPS for testing. This guide will teach you how to install an Ubuntu server as a virtual machine using VirtualBox on a mac. To prepare you will need to download 2 files: The VirtualBox virtual machine software for your operating …

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WordPress change Permalink

Wordpress change permalink

I recently decided to move my WordPress blog to NameCheap from WordPress.com. I made a number of changes including: changed my domain from johnlevandowski.com to wpselect.com set my site up as a multisite network changed the permalink settings to “post name” from the default “day and name” format used on WordPress.com disabled the author and date-based archives using the WordPress SEO plugin. These …

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WordPress Performance opcode cache


If you are running WordPress on a VPS or dedicated server, a quick way to optimize performance is to install a php opcode cache. To understand why, you need to first understand how php processes a request. A php request goes through the following steps: Read Parse Compile Execute Output For every WordPress page requested, the php engine must go …

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How to Start a Blog

Namecheap Domain

Congratulations on thinking about starting your own WordPress blog. One of your motivations to start a WordPress blog may be to start making some residual income with it. There has been a lot written about how long it takes to start making income from a blog. Most experts agree that your first year of blogging will usually result in little …

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