Install WordPress on Mac

If you are a WordPress developer with a Mac, you need a local environment installed for your WordPress development.  This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a WordPress development environment on Mac OS X.

Download MAMP

Install MAMP

Click Customize button on Installation Type step.
Install MAMP

Uncheck MAMP PRO on Custom Install screen and continue with install (unless you need the functionality of MAMP Pro).
Custom Install MAMP


  • Click Preferences button.
  • Click Ports tab.
  • Click Set to default Apache and MySQL ports button. (important if you plan to use multisite)
  • Click OK button.

Create WordPress MySQL Database

Create WordPress database

Install WordPress

As a WordPress developer I like to check out the latest WordPress development version from Trac using subversion.

Open Terminal

  • cd /Applications/MAMP/htdocs
  • svn co .


  • Database Name: wordpress
  • User Name: root
  • Password: root

Update to the latest development version of WordPress in Trac using svn.  This will synchronize your local WordPress installation with the latest development version of WordPress.

Open Terminal

  • svn up

Install Text Editor

Lastly you need a good text editor with syntax highlighting.  My favorite on Mac OS X is TextWrangler.

If you have any questions on this setup, please leave a comment below.

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