Heroes of the Storm: Earning Gold

Heroes of the Storm

In Heroes of the Storm, gold is needed for purchasing heroes from the in-game store. You can also buy heroes with real money. The following are the various ways to earn gold in Heroes of the Storm. Player Level As you play Heroes of the Storm, your player level will increase. At various player levels you will receive gold. Player Level Gold …

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Measuring your Progress to Financial Independence / Early Retirement

Financial Independence Fund

An important step to take during your investing years is to measure your progress to early retirement. Here is how I go about measuring my progress to financial independence. Financial Independence Formula Net worth – the value of all your investments toward financial independence Annual Spending – the amount of annual spending you will need during financial independence Years of …

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Pay Off Mortgage Early or Invest in Retirement


If you are contributing the maximum amount in your tax deferred accounts (401k, 403b, IRA) and you have money still available to invest, what should you do? Should you use the funds to start paying off your mortgage early or invest the fund in your taxable accounts towards retirement? This decision is based on the interest rate of your mortgage. …

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Asset Allocation and Taxes Made Simple

Asset Allocation

You already know that you need to save and invest a large amount of money to retire early. Where should you invest your money and what type of account is best for each type of investment. Here is how I split up my portfolio among various asset classes and accounts. Allocation to Stocks Most people know that investing in stocks will …

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